Insure Yourself

It’s easy to think about insuring your things – you work hard to save up for that new car so of course you want to insure it against prangs or accidents.

What isn’t as easy however is protecting yourself. Your most valuable asset is not your boat or even your house, it’s you, your health and your ability to earn an income.

It may be a difficult conversation but it’s an important one to have. If you were injured or sick and couldn’t work for a period of time, how would you manage? If you were to pass away how would your surviving family get by, and who would pay your mortgage? What would happen if you were in an accident and ended up Disabled?

Maurice Trapp Group can ask the hard questions to get the discussion started, and provide insurance solutions that in the very least help to alleviate the financial pressures that inevitably come when big life changing events occur such as illnesses, accidents or death.

Life Cover

Life cover is pretty straight forward but in our opinion, when we’re asked – “who should have it”, our reply is everyone. Life Cover insurance is your security blanket that takes care of your loved ones after you’re gone. Life Insurance is a contract between

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Disability Cover

When you become disabled either through illness or injury, your ability to earn and support yourself, your family or your business stops. It’s a frightening time for all involved and it can be incredibly distressing at a time when what you need most is to

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Income Protection

If you’ve ever experienced what it’s like not having a guaranteed income you know how stressful and terrifying that can be. Income keeps the bills paid, the mortgage current and all those unexpected expenses up to date. Unfortunately, these financial demands don’t stop just because

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Trauma & Critical Illness Cover

Trauma or critical illness cover is our most frequently recommended type of insurance protection. It’s an excellent benefit to provide crisis cash if you suffer from one of the many illnesses outlined by the insurer. The funds from a claim payment can be used to

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Medical Insurance

Medical insurance provides access to immediate and private healthcare when you need it most. Whether it’s a hospital stay, surgery or a specialist consultation or test (ultrasound, x-rays, ECG for example), private medical insurance ensures you have access to the best quality healthcare without long

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Mortgage Repayment Cover

For most people, the purchase of your family home is the biggest financial commitment you will make. Mortgage Repayment Protection is designed to pay your monthly mortgage if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. In a time of stress, this cover

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KiwiSaver is a savings initiative to help set you up for your retirement. Most members will build up their savings through regular contributions from their wages. Our Maurice Trapp Group Advisers can assist you with this. All Kiwisaver schemes are registered with the Financial Markets Authority and

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ACC CoverPlus Extra

ACC has developed insurance cover for self-employed people and non PAYE shareholder employees. ACC CoverPlus Extra enables you to negotiate your level of lost earnings cover. That way you know exactly what you’ll receive if you’re injured and can’t work – and it doesn’t matter

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